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FAQ Introduction

When Exactly Does My Price Get “Locked In” When Buying Precious Metals Over the Phone?

With the current volatility in the precious metals markets, many customers worry about locking in a price when buying metals remotely. When buying from SchiffGold, your price will be locked in the moment you and your metals specialist verbally agree to the terms of the transaction, including the quantity and type of product. Within about five minutes of making this agreement, we will email you a confirmation and invoice with the agreed upon price.

Generally, we ask that clients send payment the same day via wire or electronic check deposit. However, once we have established a relationship with a client, we are flexible with this timeline and will happily extend a grace period of an extra day or two. We even accept paper checks in the mail from our longtime clients.

SchiffGold is unusual in that we will almost always lock in a price without having received a down payment on the purchase. Most major precious metals dealers require partial or even full payment before the purchase price is locked in.

It should come as no surprise that our clientele is extremely trustworthy, and we are proud to report that we have a less than 0.1% renege rate on our sales. Customers appreciate the trust we extend to them and likewise extend theirs to us.