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July 5, 2024Friday Gold Wrap

What’s Fueling Silver’s Upswing: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap July 5 2024

Gold closed the week at $2,391 and silver closed up 7% at $31.20. JD and Joel explain what’s beneath this massive price upswing, drill into recent US jobs reports, and ponder the hypocrisy of power-hungry politicians.


    • Investors give 72.5% chance of a September interest rate cut
    • ISM manufacturing numbers show biggest contraction since COVID
    • Jobs: ADP jobs report reveals 10,000 jobs less than expected; US unemployment data higher than expected (4.1% vs. 4.0%)
    • UK Labour Party landslide victory
    • Politicians who mandated masks now ban them
    • Vacation financing at vicious interest rates

Quote of the Week:

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”​ George Orwell


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