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February 3, 2021Interviews

Peter Schiff: You Can’t Compare GameStop and Silver

On Monday, Feb. 1, Peter appeared on NTD Business to talk about the attempted short squeeze on GameStop and silver. He said we shouldn’t compare GameStop stock to silver. Unlike GameStop, there are fundamentally sound reasons to buy silver, with or without the endorsement of the Reddit traders. When the Reddit Raiders turned their attention […]

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February 2, 2021Peter's Podcast

Peter Schiff: SchiffGold Becomes SchiffSilver

The Reddit Raiders turned their eyes toward silver over the weekend. Interest in the white metal sparked a surge in retail demand and pushed the spot price of silver briefly over $29 an ounce. As Peter Schiff put it, the Reddit Riders were riding silver instead of piling into heavily shorted stocks. But how should […]

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